VSKYLABS throws in a surprise and shows the R66 under development for X-Plane

The company, which has been showcasing the R22, sudenly released a video of the R66 sporting a very recognizable livery.

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Now that’s a add-on I would like to buy. :grinning: I was thinking about it yesterday, I wish someone will do a R66. I agree this is a really nice suprise.

Sergio you forgot to mention the other pilot in the story, I think he is actually the owner of the helicopter. Mr Diaz from the EIGHT restaurant group. The logo is also visible on the R66.

I didn’t forget Ruben (a fellow Portuguese) but the helicopter is Mischa’s :slight_smile:

I met both in Lisbon (Pilot Yellow has some images with me on his channel in the Lisbon Video). Amazing folks. I didn’t get to see the C-GEAK live, unfortunately, though. They had to land away from Lisbon.