Vskylabs r44 vs rsp r44

I am on the edge of buying the R44 of vSkylabs for X-Plane 11/12. However the freeware model looks obviously visually better of RSP. What concerns me are the flight dynamics. Currently the RSP is 25% complete according to developers, however, is it already superior to the R44 of vSkylabs? Are they close?

If anyone can please give me some feedback about both of the flight models, I would appreciate it.

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I am endorsed on the R44 so I’ll check it out again. Last time I flew it I deleted it as it was a bit toylike.

I will make the point though that flying these sims are never really that accurate but what can be accurate is the systems and the procedures so it more than just how it flies and the eye candy if you want to be realistic you need to fly the systems and procedures.

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Thanks for your reply and for willing to try it out again. My goal is always to fly according to the procedures and within the aircraft’s limits. For me the R44 of RSP feels good, however I have no real world hours, it does not feel light and toylike to me. Still wonder how it compares to the vSkykabs R44. Please do let me know what you think!