VR Setups and buttons

So I just recently jumped into the VR boat with an Oculus Rift and all I can say is Holy Cow how much easier it is to fly Helicopters vs looking at a screen and having to use my thumb to look where I want to. I can tell so much easier my approaches and glide slope without having to constantly monitor my vertical speed indicator to now how fast I’m descending. I’ve only had a chance to do about 20 minutes of flying with the new setup so far and I did have a few questions/maybe quirks? So I tried out DCS in the Huey and xplane-11 bell 429. In DCS the gauges and dashboard seem to be so much clearer and I don’t have to lean forward to read them vs in xplane. Although in DCS it feels like I’m sitting on the dashboard so I think i have to figure out how to move the viewpoint back just a bit. It could be because I have it set up for standing so the kids and I can play other games but when I’m sitting I’m at the keyboard.

So back to the original topic I had in mind, When playing xplane I could not seem to get the Oculus controlers to work and i’ve had to use the mouse to click all my switches. Second when using reality xp GTN-750 it dosen’t seem like its reading the inputs from the mouse either so navigating by GPS so far has been a headache. Also trying to click the autopilot features in VR seems like a hasle that I don’t want it to be. I got pretty good at setting up quick views with the monitor to be able to look at what i wanted to and click and fly so it seems i have to rethink how to do this in VR. Now I am using a Saitek x-45 HOTAS and it seems i may be able to reprogram some of my hat switch functions since i wont need them for head movement anymore. I have also thought about getting some sort of generic switch panel that i could use by feel for the autopilot functions. What say ye of the all knowing? Do i need to figure out the occulus touch controls and just get used to touching the switches in VR? Is there a better way?

I’m so glad you got to try it already! It’s amazing, isn’t it?

I mostly use the controllers (HTC ones, not Oculus), yeah. I only use the buttons for less than an half-dozen functions.

DCS has a re-center switch under UI layer you can lean forward left or right or back hit re-center till you get in a comfortable position I lean a little forward my self then hit re-center and it puts me about even with co-pilot