Vr headsets for flight sims

Hi I am new to VR HEADSETS.
There are now several VR HEADSETS available on the market as of December 15, 2020.

Here is a list of the current most popular VR HEADSETS.

Oculus Rift S 
Oculus Rift CV1 bundle
Oculus Quest bundle
Oculus Quest 2 bundle
HP Reverb (Fits G1 and G2) bundle
HTC Vive bundle
HTC Vive Pro bundle
Samsung Odyssey bundle
Pimax 5K bundle
Pimax Vision 8K X bundle
Valve Index VR bundle

Disregarding the prices of each one of the VR HEADSETS listed here, Which one of the VR HEADSETS is the best one to use for Flight Sims installed on a PC, not running Flight Sim on Steam?

The Valve Index VR HEADSET seems to be an amazing VR HEADSET but it looks like it will work only with Steam.

I Really appreciate your feedback from experienced VR HEADSET users.

I have just completed my super Gaming Computer build.
Two EVGA GEFORCE RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA SLI 4 Way Configured
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I listed my Super Gaming Computer Build parts list in order to eliminate unnecessary replies that the VRD HEADSET is dependent on your computers capability and the Computers Graphics card capability.

Thank you.

I don’t have experience with it, but everyone is saying great things about the Reverb G2.

I have seen a lot of mixed feelings towards the Pimax gear. Some folks love it, some have had huge problems with it.

If I was on the market for a new kit, I would get me a Reverb G2 for sure.

Hi Sergio,
I was just reviewing the Reverb G2 on HP website.

The specs looks amazing does look amazing.

I will be purchasing it when it becomes available on the market.

Thank you for the VR Headset feedback.

Thank you Sergio.

Anytime. Let us know when you get it!

I am relatively new to VR headsets, I very recently received a G2, and tried it with Xplane.
Overall it is fantastic BUT I have a single issue. The image is only sharp in a very narrow spot in front of the eyes but gets blurred quickly as you turn your eyes on the sides.
For instance if I need to look at instruments I can’t just look down, i do need to move the whole head.

Many people pointed out this issue, which seem to differ from one person to another (head shape?). Some recommend a workaround by getting your eyes closer to the lenses. The only way to do this is to change the facepad and mount one from another type of headset. Not great. I ordered one hoping this will fix it for me, I’ll post the results I get.

For this price tag I’d suggest you try it out before buying if you can?

Hi, Sayemone,
Thank you for sharing your experience with the HP REVERB G2 HEADSET.

Hi I am not able to edit my post,
This is an update to my super Gaming Computer Build.

The EVGA X299 DARK MOTHERBOARD had to be replaced because of a manufacturing flaw.

I replaced it with the ASUS WS X299 SAGE LGA2066 MOTHERBOARD.
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Thank you

I have the valve index.
The games/sims don’t have to be on steam, but the steam VR app runs in the background.

I use it for DCS and X-Plane.
DCS is standalone and x-plane s on Steam. Both work great.
I upgraded from the Rift CV1, and the difference was startling.

Yes, like the G2 there is a central portion of sharper focus than the rest, intended to mimic the human eye. You just need to use your head more shifting your gaze.

Hi WillyPete, Thanks for sharing your experience with the VALVE INDEX VR HEADSET

I am including links for a MOD to the HP REVERB G2 that is amazing from
► VoodooDE VR - english version - that i just discoverd on YouTube.

email for inquiries:

The REALLY perfect FOV mod for the HP Reverb G2 with nose insert!

VoodooDE’s German channel:

In this video I show you how you can noticeably improve the field of view of the HP Reverb G2. For this you need the following:

A 3D print from the user “Jewcookie” from the following template:

3D print service:

N35 3mm x 1mm


Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Set for Oculus ™ Quest 2 Kit:

#HPReverbG2 #VR #VirtualReality #voodoode


How good is the Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR and how is the performance? The test!

HP REVERB G2 Mod Version 10 by Jewcookie

HP REVERB G2 Mod Version 10 Video link

Jewcookie HP REVERB G2 Mod version 10 download link


I have the Pimax 5K+ and Reverb G2.
From my experience the G2 has the best clarity but with a price:

  1. Smaller field of view.
  2. good clarity in the middle of the picture, but somewhat degraded once you look outside the sweet spot. It is not a big deal in sim but might be detracting when reading text.

The Pimax 5K+: larger field of view, you are really immersed but the ppi is worse than G2, so reading and the image has less sharpness to it. It is hard to go back to the Pimax 5K+ after using the G2.

If money is not an issue, I would have consider the Pimax 8KX + accessories, its clarity is quite good and FoV is much better.
Check VoodooDE video regarding the 8KX and G2 (and maybe others too).

The G2 is good overall HMD.
If I had the money I think I would have gone the 8KX way but I’m not disappointed with my G2, it really works well in X-Plane and MSFS2020.


Hi snagar-dev, thanks for sharing your experience with your two VIRTUAL HEADSETS.

The HP REVERB G2 MOD by Jewcookie, from my understanding takes care of the HP REVERB G2 viewing distortion problem outside of its sweet spot and increases the field of view to its design specs making the HP REVERB G2 an amazing VR HEADSET for Flight Simulation which can be seen in VoodooDE’s website video.

With regards to the Pimax, comments by other people who have purchased their VR HEAD SETS have said they have really poor technical support and warranty support and have recommended not to purchase the Pimax VR HEAD SETS.

The con-senses regarding the Pimax VR HEAD SETS is they have an amazing field of view but lack the sharpness of the HP REVERB G2.

For the person who wants the perfect VR HEADSET look at the Varjo XR-3/VR-3

The Varjo XR-3/VR-3 is an absolutely incredible and amazing VR HEADSET along with a hefty price tag.

Each person has its own experience with their own HMD.
I bought 2 Pimax 5K+ from Pimax and they are working quite fine. The Pimax support was quite good and they took care and work with me on any issue I had including sending me a new cable.
My G2, I think, has sensitivity in the HMD display port connectivity (not the pc side), this translates to black screen when I tilt the G2 mid game, I mean it won’t crash the game the HMD screens goes black. I then play with the cable and all is back to normal. So, any HMD has its own issues.
I don’t know if HP will be able to support me since I’m not living in a country they have G2 support while Pimax supported me always regardless of country (so thumb up to them).

Last, I wear glasses, so sadly I don’t think I can use most of the HP G2 mods (but I’ll go over the list in this page).

Discloser, I’m no fan of any of these products, and if I had to pick one that price vs performance, I would have still buy the G2, in ~6 months it will be compatible with most “older” games and probably will be integrated into the new ones from day one.


Hi snagar-dev, thanks for the update with experiences with your VR HEADSETS.

I shop world wide.

With regards to HP or any other manufacturer world wide requiring parts replacement or returns you need to provide,

Your receipt, invoice of purchase Showing the date, time of purchase including amount.
If you are within the companies policy return date depending who your purchased your item from and your item is back in box with all accessories, manuals, you should get your refund.

If you are within the one year manufacturers warranty in this case your HP REVERB G2 you will receive their support including parts replacement or return your item for them to fix it.
If you have purchased the HP accidental 3 year damage warranty they will take care of you.

If you have purchased your item from a local store who offers you the store accidental damage warranty no hassle repair or exchange for a new one if they cant fix it, 1 year, two year, 3 year and many of them now offer extended warranty beyond 3 year then this is the better way to go.

My experience in this year of 2020, in dealing with companies technical support agents is that the agents are people who have gone through company training in searching the companies data base for solutions to your specific problem wasting you time, When they realize after some time speaking with them or chatting with them your problem with your device is unique the agent puts you in connected with a more experienced agent, this agent realizing he cant help you with your problem with your item after some time puts you in connection with another higher up agent.

each time you have to explain your situation with your troubled item wasting an enormous amount of time.

Finally after one to two hours with them either twos things will happen.

  1. The agent finally connects you with a technical engineer who will either solve your problem or issue you an RMA with a per-packed box delivered to your home for you to put your troubled item in along with the required labels and drop it off at the required post office.


  1. The agent will create a ticket for you and tell you they will provide a solution within 24 hours.

Each item I have needed help it was the help of the engineer. Which resulted in asking them “Please explain to me how all of the agents I have had to go through to finally connect with you could have helped with with the problem I am experiencing with my item?” Plus each agent I spoke with I had to provide all information again, and again, and again resulting in long telephone calls and or chats.

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Hi. I recently purchased the Quest 2 headset and I’m very happy with it. It is cheap and allows you to do lots of things in stand-alone mode (playing games, join a vr community, see vr videos…). You can also connect it to the computer to “play” with flight simulators. I have tested X-Plane and DCS. Yeah, I know that the FOV is not the best, but the experience is still really amazing. My 18 year old son and I can’t stop flying the F18 in DCS. As a professional pilot I think that with DCS or XPlane plus a Quest 2 headset you get a very reallistic experience of flight. Trully inmersive. Good enough to learn to fly. Probably even better than the real aircraft, because here you can fly a lot and try many things that in the real aircraft you can’t (different approach speeds, extreme attitudes, failures, exterior views to analize your performance, review of your saved flights…). I know it is a topic, but after trying VR I can’t play 2D simulators any more!

Late here, but I’m running the Samsung Odyssey v1 and have no complaints at all. One thing I love about it is the v1pads are “pleather”, not foam like on the v2. This means they can be disinfected and cleaned with Purell surface spray in under two minutes. That allows a crowd to take turns at parties, with just a quick cleaning between people.

Also, the Index can run non-Steam apps. They just need to be able to work with OpenXR, and I think both XP11 and MSFS2020 do.

VR Headsets Prescription Lenses Adapters Link that I just discovered.



No more discomfort while wearing framed glasses under the headset.
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