VR gloves for sims

Hi helisimmers!

I would like to know more about the choice, if there is, of gloves for VR for heli sim. I’ve search a little like the first ones that came out on google but does anyone have ever tried those in DCS or X-Plane11? I plan to buy but I’m afraid it is a little too earlie for that as it might still be in developement state. :face_with_monocle:


Hi Phil.

There’s nothing on the market that really gets our attention right now. I have a set of VRFree gloves by SensoryX but they aren’t fully supported by all sims.

I know SensoryX has been showing off the gloves in DCS but I have contacted them about it and am still waiting for a DCS beta version to be able to try it.

Another question just popped out while viewing the VRfree video of x-plane. If we use them and use a joystick like the PFT puma, how it’s gonna work? I mean, if I put my hand on joystick controls, does the gloves would fight the controller inputs? Is there gonna be somekind of a disabling options for the glove over the inputs of the cyclic and stuff? :thinking:



We don’t know that yet. SensoryX doesn’t support X-Plane yet (they are trying to get Laminar on board but didn’t succeed yet).

I own CaptoGlove but I’m in the same boat, er… chopper. I’ll keep this post updated as I learn more about those gloves and any support we get.

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This exact thoughts went through my mind also.

Have you seen PoinrCtrl?
Works very well in DCS. Works universally with dcs cockpits, I’ve not tested with other sims.

Give us an update if this works with X-Plane.