VR and helicopters, for beginners

I have been flying flight simulators since 1981. I don’t remember which version of MSFS came out with the first helicopter but that’s where my struggles began. For what ever reason, I was never able to control a helicopter. This does not include games like Comanche where actual flight dynamics are not introduced. This is the serious stuff; MSFS, X-Plane, DCS. Every 2-3 months I would jump in the Huey on DCS and watch the world outside spin like crazy just before the flames appeared. This went on for years.

Then I got my VR headset. What a difference. I was actually able to control the Huey on my own, without instruction, and fly it all over the map. With 2-hours of help from an Air Force helicopter pilot online in DCS, I was flying, and landing everywhere. What a difference the VR goggles made.

Flying a helicopter is not easy to learn and harder to master, but it is the most rewarding experience and so much fun! If you’re part of HeliSimmer.com because you want to learn to fly helicopters, and you have a VR headset, let us help you. If you don’t own a VR headset, consider it. Get a paper route and save up those quarters! It is well worth the investment.


I agree, @Naflod. It’s such a difference!

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