Vortex Ring State: what is it, how to prevent it and how to get out of it

One of the most dangerous situations a helicopter pilot can get into is called Vortex Ring State. Learn what it is, how to prevent and how to get out of it.

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Actually VRS is well simulated in X plane.
The phenomena baffled me for a long time and I worked out how to save and prevent it by trial and error. Lucky its in a sim! I’m surprised not many heli-simmers mention it.
The explanation in this article is very helpful.

I fly an H125 with cargo in Norway. This is something we get into sometimes. Think of this senario: The delivery of cargo wich has a weight of around 12ookg/2500lbs.

Question; as we pas ETL we already have an huge angel of attack due to the weight (with cargo). Is it corect to say that you will get into ARS then SWP alot sooner than with out the cargo??