Visual Model Could Not be Displayed

Hi All

Newb to the forum, not new to flight sims though or more specifically FSX (YES YES, i know its old and there are much better sims out now, and dont get me wrong, id love to use them - but my dilemma is the PC itself. They dont come cheap in South Africa for a new one

Problem im experiencing is… After purchasing the Nemeth Designs MD-902( FSX, FSXSE, P3D) model, when installed in the correct file locations i get an error when loading the model up

“Visual model could not be displayed”

I was hoping someone else out there has had a similiar issue or have more insight into this and perhaps could assist me ?

I bought two models at the same time - The BK117 as well as the MD-902. BK117 works perfect, Not a single problem.

All my other payware models work just fine too, such as the Carenado aircraft, Alabeo aircraft etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

thx Brendon

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The First time that I installed, the payware KAMOV-32 , I also don’t see the visual photo ???
I ALSO bought the EC-130, by Nemeth Design, on the bill, and there is no problem, everthing is all right, he’s just difficult to playwith !
But the Kamov-32 I cann’t install it, and I have P3v4 ! And when I bougt it, it was said an written, that it was adapted on P3v4 !