Video from Helicopter for predefined trajectorie

Hello guys,

I am completely a newby to helicopter simulation. My goal is:
I want to create a short video of a helicopter flying a predefined trajectory, like an autopilot following a 3D GPS track.

Just to make it clear:
I created a helicopter model,(just a point mass flying around, no aerodynamics or rigid body model) and controller by myself in Matlab, there I created the trajectory (x,y,z- coordinates of the center of gravity) and now I need a good-looking video of different trajectories of the helicopter, to compare different results.

Which is the easiest way to do this? Can you please help me, this is important to me.

Unfortunately I am not a software developer or have high programming skills.

To record it, you can use OBS (

Regarding the autopilot, you’ll need to add it to your helicopter. Which platform are you using? P3D? X-Plane?

Is the autopilot really following the path exactly, because it is important that the helicopter is to 100% (± 0.1meter ) on the predefined x,y,z- Coordinate.
Right now I am not using any software, I am looking for a software which can do this.

I’m not sure any software can be that precise. Isn’t it something you can use Google Earth to do?