Victoria Falls Scenery Package coming soon with 30 Helipads

I am pleased to share my latest project - Victoria Falls which will feature the following:

  • Victoria Falls, animated with sounds
  • 4 bush strips
  • 6 heliports with multiple starting spots
  • 30 land’able helipads in total.
  • Additional remote helipads along the Zambezi River
  • Victoria Falls Bridge with an animated bungee jumper
  • Animated speed Boat, Raft, & Cable Car
  • Animated rapids along a 23 mile stretch of the Batoka Gorge ( Zambezi river)
  • Fully Terraformed river base and custom rapids textures.

I am hoping to release the scenery by the end of this year.
Here is a quick trailer of work in progress.

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please tell me is this for X-plane or MSFS ?

This is for MSFS only