"Trainer" helicopter

Hi there - I’m looking at learning to fly one of these wayward beasts and I was wondering if there is a particular model that would be good to learn in or if it’s just a case of pick one and stick with it?

I believe the Bell 407 has some stability “cheats” that could help a beginner, but then how difficult would be be to change from having them on to turning them off? The helisimmer review of the Guimbal Cabri G2 mentions that you don’t need to use the anti-torque pedals as much, which sounds like a good idea for a beginner, but may not be.

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A larger helo should be more stable by default, if modelled correctly.
The Cabri should need a lot more pedal, especially at the hover.
Unlike the bell, the Cabri pedal input should be non-linear.

The reason the G2 and R22 are popular for training, is because they are a hell of a lot cheaper than turbines. With unlimited funds, we’d all be training on MD500s or 207s.

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The cheats you are mentioning is the SAS which is turned off by default. If you don’t turn it on, you’ll be flying the helicopter unassisted.

That is a great helicopter to work with. I would stick with it.

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Thank you, kindly gentlemen :slight_smile:

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I’m not convinced the SAS in the Bell 407 is that much of a cheat, as the 407, by all the accounts I’ve read, is a remarkably stable machine to begin with. The only reason I’m not using the 407 as much lately, is it doesn’t seem to like XP 11.50 for some reason. I can’t access the outside menu when I’m actually outside and have to go through some tricks on the inside. But that aside, I’m also getting to know the Bell 206 from Joe Rowe and I’ve been putting in a lot of hours with that one. Both flying it, and working on the repaint to get my proper green lawn dart. (some of those pesky lines just don’t like lining up.)

There is a SmartCopilot CFG available for the Cabri. If you need an “instructor” I volunteer.

Donald Traill