The exciting update of the Hype Performance Group H145 for MSFS

Let me start with the same sentence I used in a recent post I made on our Helicopter Flight Simulation group on Facebook.

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Some years ago I started my heli career with info and support. I choose X-Plane as the obvious platform for heliflight. But right now I am turning myself towards to MSFS. This post from Sergio draw my attention and I bought this heli. After two days of trying and flying I am impressed. Really can’t tell something about the the level of ‘study aircraft’, but I like the systemdepth sofar. Did enjoy some flights in Scotland. Perhaps someone with more (handson) knowledge about the systems could comment on them here. Sergio?

Hi Paul. I’m sorry but I am not an H145 pilot so I can’t comment on the systems. I may be able to try and find out with some H145 pilots on our community.

Thx. Like to hear from you or your/our community…