Taking Questions about the FlyInside Flight Sim

Hey All… Been Flying the beta for a while now…if you like helicopter flight models…this is the best i have seen/flown. I am an IRL high-time helicopter pilot with experience in many different aircraft and a current Helicopter owner.

Ask away!


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Hey Rick. A couple of folks from the HeliSimmer.com FB group did some testing and helped with the development of the flight model. I haven’t used it for some time, though.

How has it being progressing? I should take a new look at it.

I have the Flyinside Flight Sim but it is in none use on my hard drive.
How many helicpters are there now?
The last time I used it none where availible?

The last time I helped testing it we had the 407 and I think the Chinook as well but we were focusing solely on the 407.

Wow! That’s a long time ago in dev land. The latest iteration has completely new Flight Models for the 407 and Chinook. The original work was not used. We began with a new Bell 206 Jet Ranger flight model from scratch adding many variables not present in the old flight model. From there, that framework was used to develop the Flight Models for the existing Turbine machines. A new Piston Flight Model Variant, including an actual throttle (governed or ungoverned at the users choice) is included in the latest Beta.

The upcoming Beta release will include a new Helicopter which will include the latest piston flight model and it’s NOT a Robinson R-22!

We are striving to be the most realistic and accurate Helicopter Simulation out there. As a High Time pilot and helicopter owner, I can confirm that it’s the best one out there, even in its current Beta form. When the settings are set to MAX realism, it’s a challenge to fly, just like the real thing. Of course, casual sim pilots can “dial it back” to an easier setting if desired.

Also included, is a new graphical representation of your joystick(s) position this will allow, any user to correlate their own joystick setup with the movement of the aircraft controls and the action of the aircraft itself.

With the upcoming scenery tools for users and the new features in upcoming releases, we should be all set to immerse ourselves in low altitude goodness.

Looking forward to flying lots more in VR!


Yeah it was quite some time ago. Meanwhile my copy got smashed because of a beta version I got to test SensoryX (it crashes on startup) and I’ve been waiting for a new version.

It’s been very quiet on their forum, glad that they are still working on it. FFS has great potential I think, look forward to trying the next beta.

Sergio, not sure what SensoryX has to do with FFS, but you should install the latest beta anyway. It was way better than the last anyway.

John, be prepared, the latest one coming out late this week or early next(depending upon bug reports!) It’s a killer! I have been flying it regularly to quash bugs and I am really not finding any major ones at all! Mostly little touches here and there to amp up the realism.


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@RotorRick, FlyInside did a special beta version to be used with SensoryX. I was hoping I would get a non-crashy version.

I would try the latest beta channel push…see if that works. Otherwise contact Dan.


The latest beta works but I don’t think that’s the one with the SensoryX support. I’ll have to talk to the guys at the company about it.

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