Suggestions for a new system (Ryzen or i7)

Hy there,
has anyone good suggestions to make adscision for a new sim-pc?
I`thinking about either a Intel Core i7-10700K or an AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT …
Guess that mainly the CPU-frequency and also the ICP (Instructions per Cycle) are relevant for flight-sims (no matter if it is x-plane or msfs …).

The GPU will be a RTX2080super (alternatively the good old GTX1080TI) as I also plan to buy a VR-Headset to get the best immersion for helicopter-flying.

So what do you think about the CPU? Or is there any comparsion out there regarding x-plane or flightsims? Gaming benchmarks are all aside the Intel, but we know that flightsims are not comparebel to games - drawing objects/autogen is always a matter of ICP…

Thanks in advance