Something odd with the GPS in the 222B

I just downloaded the newest update to the 222B and took a short flight. I noticed something odd when the sun was on the panel, I could see the ground scenery through the lines on the GPS. I hadn’t noticed this in the previous updates and I thought about checking the acf file, when I realized I don’t know anything about the coding required to check, or fix something like this. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Just to confirm, I reloaded the 2.3 version and took it for a spin to check the effects of sunlight on the GPS. It didn’t show the ground through the lines on the GPS like the 2.4 version did. Not sure what’s different about the instruments that would cause this.

Possible false alarm here. I reloaded a fresh download of the 2.4 version and could not get the problem to duplicate no matter what angle the sun was on the GPS. Either my computer had a bad night last night, or it was just a random glitch. I’m leaning more toward my computer having a bad night. I guess the problem straightened itself out, or there never was one to begin with. Sorry for jumping the gun here.