Some general feedback across a few of your choppers

Big fan of your helicopters guys, easily the best available for P3Dv4 and i really appreciate the fact you provide models for FSX/P3D even though the flight dynamics are not great.

Couple of suggestions:

The Bell 407 rotor RPM takes 42 seconds to wind down after throttle RPM has been rolled off, it irks me every time!

The AS350 exterior model could do with a touch-up around the nose, something I always notice when flying the aircraft.

The BK-117, for me at least is hugely FPS intensive in the VC, I raise this because most of your other models are extremely good on the frames.

Final thought, have you considered using your 407 to release a 206L? My understanding is there are only a few tweaks required for this…just a thought.

Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for your support and feedback.

As you might noticed, the time span of our developments are getting longer and longer as demand for always higher than before quality models increases. It is always a good idea to go back to revisit older models but obviously that increases the development time of the new stuffs even further. So, we kind of doing it when it is absolutely necessary.

Being said that, the Bell RPM needs to be looked at and the BK-117 VC frame rate problem also needs to be addressed. Can’t promise a quick fix but we’ll look into these when we can.

Thanks for the feedback again.