Sneak peek: take a look at the Cowan Simulation 500E for MSFS

Right after the release of the Bell 206B3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Joshua Cowan, the owner of Cowan Simulation, told us that we would be getting the 500E next. Well, he may have said that even before the release of the 206. But that’s not important.

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super cool :slight_smile:

just a thought: this place seems getting a bit too much cowan for my taste lol. i hope is not taken into complete ownership by this single creator, making this source implausible, spammy, absorbing. there is so much more out there (and probably more interesting stuff) the users want to see and read. we have learned that many sim sites, as they come and go, have tended to reduce their value into more and more simplified update journals for developers, thus not understanding what journalism on special interest is all about. 20 sites tell me who brings which update. tell me why we shouldn’t unsubscribe 19 of them. Yes, too lazy. Fact is: you can add tremendous amounts of people to let’s say a facebook page, but only an extremely small fraction is so called “returners”. Analyses tools don’t tell you that. i always liked helisimmer, but i hate repetitive content and depandancy. I don’t expect helisimmer to tell me who has updated what three times a day just to keep that crap in the headlines. Again, just a thought, from me and my friends. thanks.

I suspect you may have an issue with your feed since we are certainly posting a lot more content than just Cowan Simulation stuff.

Although they did release 2 helicopters, had 1 major update and had a giveaway with us, though. But still, we have plenty of other content published in the website as well. Feel free to browse around.

that’s what i’m saying Sergio, it’s the diversity of researched information that keeps your page alive, not sticking to one thing. maybe i just made a mistake and started to overlook the summary of posts page, and hell, there is a lot just on cowan lately without essential value. i just feel a bit spammed you know, and i fear a lot of interesting stuff gets behind. i mean, do upgrades belong into headlines? a journalist needs a bit of an independant intelligence and cross evaluation or people turn away to other sites. i understand, you narrowed the scope of interest to helicopters, that reduces the number of information flows a bit, and probably there is less news on this particular scope in comparison to fixed wing, scenery, etc. but the audience deserves well chosen and well intestigated stories about this special interest. which is way larger than what i pointed on. where this ends is clear, the reader circle gets smaller and smaller because content gets monogam and of decreasing value. so, be the dog and wag the tail, not the other way round.

People value content in different ways. What is valuable for some is not for others. If I would be posting the same news over and over again, that would have no value, but that is not the case. The news were about different things.

Cowan Simulation happened to be quite active during the last month and I covered all that, as I did with other companies that I either picked up the news out there or they sent their information to me.

I’m sorry if that’s not relevant for you. It is relevant to others.

If you find something that you think could be interesting, please send it over. I’ll gladly take a look at it and publish it if I think it’s a good match for our audience. I am 100% sure I miss some news that could make our headlines.