SmartCopilot profile for the VSKYLABS Cabri G2 for X-Plane

You can get SmartCopilot here.

Shalomar - for help with testing the file

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Unzip the file to your main Vskylabs Cabri folder and rename it smartcopilot.cfg to use with Smartcopilot.

Donald AKA Shalomar

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seeing this plugin first time, I have a question about:
“The main cockpit controls (yoke, throttle etc.) governed by a Request – Release logic.”
What does that mean?

I was asking VSKYLABS about it. Where did you see that?

at the SmartCoPilot side

Ah gotcha. I’d have to ask the author.

“The main cockpit controls (yoke, throttle etc.) governed by a Request – Release logic.”

In short, both connected players will be able to control/manipulate everything in the cockpit at the same time, with the exception of the primary flight controls (to avoid conflict between inputs); these can only be manipulated by the ‘pilot flying’. Smartcopilot has a request/release controls function that transfers those primary flight controls between the two users, one user will be designated Pilot Flying and the other Pilot Monitoring.

The controls that are locked by this request/release logic vary per aircraft, and sometimes also include things like mixture/fuel levers and prop levers.

Thanks for the enlightenment. I haven’t used SmartCopilot in a long, long time and I forgot all these details. I guess it’s time to get back to it.

Hi BrrtReynolds,
THX for that hind.
Will there be on option do transfer controldata for “active” controls?
My cyclic par example has active beep-trim and will be extended to a full driven system where the stick can move with external inputs. This will work like mechanical coupled contols. :sunglasses:

Hi Yogi, I’m not 100% sure (and please let me know if I misunderstand the question) but I’d guess that this would work. If your active controls respond to changing datarefs (specifically the ones for flight controls) within X Plane then yes that should sync between the two users. Trying to imagine a scenario, if the other Smartcopilot user were to use the trim (or beep trim if the heli has it), this would be synced on your side too, and that should move your active controls. Sounds like a very cool setup!