Slight Ultra-wide issue with the 222b in MSFS

I’m really enjoying the 222, I don’t know if I’ve missed something or if the external overlay isn’t Ultrawide friendly (resolution of 3440x1440)
It’s just a minor thing, but the overlay is overlapping, as I said, Have I missed a box or something that needs ticking to move the overlay around?

Link to Imgur Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Have attached a cut of the bottom left of the screenshot.

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I think it’s a bug. I don’t think I can fix it. Asobo can. I’m not sure why it’s that way. What I do is turn it to OFF in the assistance options. I’ve never been a fan of those ugly overlays myself. You can turn it to minimal as well. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

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I think… I’m going to look deeper into the issue, though. But I’m pretty sure I can’t fix that, or I missed the memo, lol

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Well we both know that Asobo & M$ are too busy getting political for the month of June to fix the bug with engine hardware binding for Helicopters, so if it’s on their end it probably won’t be fixed for a year. Remember when software developers actually programmed instead of activism? I’m sure there will be a bunch of rainbow paint jobs though, so who needs hardware bindings anyway?

I don’t usually fly in 3rd person and never with assistance options, but I haven’t run into this yet with your other helicopters I’ve bought. I’m running the same resolution as the original topic poster (3440x1440). As soon as Paypal gets off their butts, fixes the 2 step login problem that’s now plaguing old business owners like myself who once used those hardware authenticators, and I can regain access to my paypal account, I am jumping on the 222b. Chomping at the bit so lets hope that happens soon. I’ll let you and the OP know if I also have the same issue. Keep up the good work.

EDIT: Just checked the 206B3 and the 500E at the same resolution (I’m using a 55" flat screen as my monitor; not sure if that matters) but neither have this issue. If its 222b, than its exclusive to that helicopter (or this guys PC) and not happening on the others you sell, at least on my rig.

It’s fixed. The update will be out for marketplace people this Thursday. It was an issue because of the dual engines. But I figured out how to change it.

Check this out:

Nice! Thanks for the work, and glad you found the issue.

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Thank you! I really appreciate you going the extra mile.

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