Shrike released 530F for MSFS

If you visit the official page for the website, you won’t really find a lot of information about the product, but don’t let that discourage you: despite the release being made by Blackbirds’ child brand, that doesn’t mean this is less of a product. It is not, and I wish people that don’t get any information about the 530F elsewhere could find a bit more about what the product offers.

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How does this compare to the Cowan Sim 500E (which I own and think was done very well, like their other helicopters). I have own a bunch of Blackbird aircraft for FSX and they have always been top notch, but I would rather put the money on something else I don’t have verses something I basically already own. If anyone has flown both, is there a reason to pick up this if I already own the 500E by CowanSim? I don’t need or want guns in MSFS; if I do I will load up DCS and fly the Huey. Thanks in advance for the info.