Script for AW139 HD parts configuration

after the release I decided to make a small configuration script for FlyWithLua plugin, not anything special, but I decided to share if anyone wants to use it. Once you open the window, you select what the parts you want for that specific livery and then press Save configuration. Doing so, every time you launch X-Plane with the AW139 automatically loads the configuration saved. If you change livery after the launch screen, then you need to press Load configuration, because otherwise it will keep the starting livery configuration (no automatic switch implemented). Reset configuration restore the plugin window to default (any part selected), but doesn’t save the configuration, unless you do it.

Requires FlyWithLua and Carlos Palacio’s AW139 HD parts installed with kill datarefs (as specified on the manual) and without aw139_liveries.lua. Tested on X-Plane 11.52 and latest FlyWithLua.

For installation, just copy the script into Resources → plugins → FlyWithLua → Scripts

To open the window, go to Plugins → FlyWithLua → FlyWithLua Macros → Set AW139 objects

Download script


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hi daniel
i have downloaded the HD parts i have installed them all like in the manual with the datarefs and i have not used the aw139_liveries.lua, i have put your script in like you said, but when i load in game all the parts i have added are there and using your script does nothing, have i missed something ?

please help

Hello Marc,

I’m trying to understand what can be the problem, but I can’t get much over my head. Probably wrong dataref names or not saved edits on the helicopter in PlaneMaker. Is the FliWithLua version up to date and are you using the NG version for X-Plane 11?


Hello Marc,

Can you post your fix to this issue?

Thank you,