Review: X-Rotors AW139 (Early Access) for X-Plane 11

Please note: At the date of this review, the X-Rotors AW139 is still in an "early access" stage, meaning it's not yet a final product. We decided to still do the review as it's a product that is already available for purchase. Please do keep this in mind, though: it's not the finished product and things may change in the future.

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Hi! I just wondered if there is an update to the review? I would love to have a search and rescue helicopter in xplane, and in my country i think we use this exact helicopter, but if it aint improved from the review i think ill be better of finding something else … maybe? thanks for the great review!

Hello there! X-Rotors hasn’t done any major updates to the AW139 so there’s not anything else to add to it at this time.

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