Review: we bought the MSCENERY Hughes OH-6 so you don’t have to

The quality of flight sim add-ons varies. That’s not new, and it has been this way since the addon community began. Back in the days when all the addons were freeware, the quality varied wildly from models that seemed to be a collection of basic shapes that resembled a particular helicopter but flew like a Cessna with huge flaps, to some pretty good representations of real-world helicopters that could almost actually hover.

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OMG, how did this make the cut on the Marketplace. Maybe we need as a helicopter community let Asobo know there is a level of quality that needs to be maintained to fit the sim. There is one helicopter that far more deserves a spot in the marketplace than this one.

I have to say that people have been asking that type of question and I don’t think there’s an answer.

“How can Microsoft/Asobo let this get into the marketplace” is a great question.

But how and where do they draw the line? How will they say “OK, this is what it has to do to make it into the marketplace”. Who decides those? Who decides if its met?

Do they only allow add-ons with full systems simulated? 80% of them? What’s 80%? Which 80%?

Do they only allow aircraft with good flight dynamics? With what kind of settings and hardware?

Isn’t preventing someone from entering the market, no matter the product, discrimination? It’s a free market after all. You can go to a store and find a terrible phone next to a good phone. They both have the right to be there.

People need to look at ratings. But I also think Microsoft has to come out with a better rating system. I already told Microsoft what I think they should do and it should include not only ratings but actual reviews and other tools for the community to curate marketplace content.

Steam does a good job at it for example.

This product should be removed form the store and the other ones from this editor should be investigated then.

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