Review: VSKYLABS R66 for X-Plane

The R66 has been in production now since 2007. As of the start of 2017, 763 had been produced and it’s turning out to be a popular, safe helicopter.

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Enjoyable review with very detailed feedback. I’m sure VSL will take note of your thoughts and continue to improve the R66. I’m enjoying flying it and the detail in your review helps understand the aircraft a little better :+1:

Great in-depth review with a lot of useful information. Good job.
I don’t own this R66, but I am really looking forward to getting the R44 and R22 from the same developers, as I intend to use them in addition to my real flying and interface the R22 with my home cockpit.
But I am rather disappointed by the overall quality of this R66 according to the review (again I don’t own it). The Robinson family by VSL were supposed to be study level helicopters. As far I can see, it is clearly not the case for now. I only hope that is due to the fact that it is an early release and VSL will keep improving it until it becomes a more polish product. And I sincerely hope the R44 and R22 will benefit from this first shot.
One question to the author of this review, will you update your review based on future releases of the R66 ?

Hi there! We are planning on revisiting the 66 in the future, yes.

I didn’t expect less from you guys :+1:

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I am interested to know if the updates made the ac better?
Grz. Paul