Review: VIRPIL VPC Rotor TCS Plus Base

Let's start with the disclaimer: the only reason why this crazy batch of reviews are possible is because VIRPIL sent me a ton of stuff for me to try. But, rest assured, I will be completely unbiased and totally honest with both you and VIRPIL. If something is not right, I will call it. But if it is, I will obviously say so as well.

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Thanks again for the review. I’m using it and it improved dramatically my ability to control the Bell 47. I’ve not used the throttle so much so far, because I’m still relying on the governor. Hopefully, some day, I will, either when I’m bold enough to turn of the governor, or when I fly some other bird.
One thing I noticed, is that the weight of the base+grip tend to pull the collective down, so, you have to apply some friction to prevent this, and maybe a bit more than would be ideally desirable to achieve a perfectly smooth operation. A simple remedy would be to have some kind of counter weight attached to the rear end of the base. I’d be curious to see if anybody had tried this.

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Thank you for reading and your input!

I haven’t noticed that issue with the excess friction myself but it can be a problem if you tighten it too much, for sure.

Give it a try at flying without a governor sometime. It’s quite the challenge and very fun!

Well, Sergio, you talked me into getting a collective, and I don’t regret my Virpil TCS Plus one bit. I was neglecting helis without having a proper collective, but now it’s all I’m flying in MSFS & DCS!

I initially ordered it without throttle, but changed my mind on the order before they shipped it, glad I did. I don’t use the throttle a lot, but it is SO nice to use practicing autos. I was amazed that for the DCS Huey & MSFS Bell 47 that I did not have to do any special calibration for the idle/fuel cutoff point, it’s at 50% axis travel, I guess that was planned by everyone. I think that might be why the travel is so long for you, the fuel cutoff side wouldn’t really need to be a whole half of travel in real life.

I did fly the Bell 47 manually with no governor, great fun! But now I’m actually flying the Bell 47 only with AirlandFS using the R44 profiles, so I have been keeping the governor on in the Heli Manager, and off in AirlandFS. I’ll have to see if I can still have the governor off in the Heli Manager, not sure.

The lock switch in addition to keeping the grip from twisting below idle, can also be used to lock the throttle at 100%.

I did have the stock 30 degree cam loosen - there was no loctite on the 2 screws, and the cam gets a lot of force on it, so I had to loctite it in place, but even with blue loctite, it is slightly loosening again, so I might have to use a more permanent loctite.

Yes, the collective has a little stiction when the friction screws are tight enough so it cannot fall on it’s own, but I guess that is unavoidable using friction to hold it in place. I have seen mods using a hydraulic damper instead of the friction screws, but it was on a sim rig frame, I don’t see any easy way to use a damper on my office chair installation. I did mod a damper onto my Virpil pedals, soooo nice to have the hydraulic feel on the pedals with no spring - and works great WITH a spring for fixed wing!

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Steven! Oh man, I am sorry I am the reason you spent even more money on the hobby!

Oh the other hand, I am so glad that you are happy with it. It’s quite the responsibility when people spend their hard-earned money because of you! And it’s great to know you are enjoying the experience and it makes your helicopter flying more fun – and more frequent as well!

Care to show that mod of yours? I would love to take a look at it! Show it off on our #hardware section!

Hello Sergio,

I’m ready to post the mod, but I have not been able to upload pictures.

I have jpg’s I have tried to upload in the editor, but even after waiting half
an hour, the editor still shows “processing”.

The first picture I tried was 2016 x 1512, 2.28MB, and then I reduced the size to
1008 x 756, 724kb, but I still could not upload it.

I wonder if it is a permissions problem?


Can you please send me the images to so I can give it a try?

You should have no issues uploading images. You have the same rights as our other members and some of them have uploaded images before.

Hi Sergio,

I emailed to you the first picture I was trying to upload.

Looks like you have found a bug on the forums! Please refresh and try again. I have found a work-around and you should be able to upload it now.

It’s up! The work-around worked!

Awesome! Thank you!

Hi, I have this collective and am trying to set up for the DCS Huey. Is there a way to set up the throttle and the idle release switch to work realistically? I cant get the throttle to work below the idle stop point and have had to bind a switch on the grip to throttle up and down below this point. Thanks.

I’d say that’s the most realistically we can make it. We do need to push the IDLE stop button to pass that point. Unfortunatley the physical IDLE stop button doesn’t work as a button :frowning:

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Thnx for a thorough review, currently in the market for a collective, and this answered a lot of my questions. I think the best solution to the "Idle/cutoff " problem is using the “axis to button” function in Virpil Config. This way you can set a button press to be initiated at an interval percentage of the axis travel. User “shagrat” over in the DCS forums has a step by step on how to do it: Virpil Controls Rotor TCS Plus Base setup with “working” IDLE stop

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