Review: VIRPIL VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base

First of all, a thank you and a disclaimer: the only reason why this crazy batch of reviews are possible is because VIRPIL sent me a ton of stuff for the to try. But, rest assured, I will be completely unbiased and totally honest with both you and VIRPIL. If something is not right, I will call it. But if it is, I will obviously say so as well.

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Hello Sergio,

You giving a perfect 10 for a product is quit impressive.
I almost feel sorry for myself that I recently purchased the Thrustmaster Hotas which I extended myself with great difficulty by getting the correct Mini 5 din female connector.

Look forward for your collective review and the button box.

I actually struggled about that 10. I don’t like to give a score that high unless something is really remarkable. But considering everything, from the build quality, the attention to detail, the customization and precision, I felt like I would not be fair if I didn’t.

I am truly impressed by it.

I’ve been a Virpil HOTAS user for over 2 years & can confirm they are very robust. I would recommend to go for the cheaper WarBRD base though if you’re going to ‘helicopter-ise’ it, as you’re removing all the parts that give you extra precision & customisation over the cheaper base. Use the €100 you save to get the deskmount. As I fly fixed-wing as well, I fly XP11 & DCS helos with the cams in place & the heaviest springs in my WarBRD. I intend to pick up a Mongoose CM2 base later this year & at that point I’ll gut the WarBRD as you have.

Very nice review and informative…

To make the Joystick not “fall” around, can’t you use the two clutch screws on top to tighten the base so it stay in place when not hands on ??

To give it the last helicopter feeling…

The ones that we unscrew to remove the springs? They work in the opposite way. It’s the spring that pushes the parts down to center the stick.

Still doesnt got mine so only from what i seen/understood in videos, that if you leave in a very loose spring and the linear cam. Then there are two holes for screws on top where you can control tension/clutch for keeping the joystick where you release it without centering and without its all loose in the base… hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Yeah those screws are the one that we use to change the spring. So, what makes the joystick center is the tension created by the spring that pull those parts down. If we tighten the screw, it will actually pull them up.

I didn’t find a way, without actually doing any changes, to make it so that the joystick could have some friction and be left in the position we wanted it to be.

I know VIRPIL read my review and they are aware of my suggestion to have a friction system. I just don’t know if they find it interesting or feasible. I think they would be the first company to add it to a “regular” joystick if they did it.

But then I would have to give them an 11/10 score!

I’ve finally ordered this base, together with a 200 mm extension an a grip. With the light springs, the no center cosmo cams, and the tension kept minimal, I’m quite happy with the result. One thing I find particularly satisfying is the desk mount (V4 L). I installed the base in the lowest position, and I find the grip is just the right height for me this way. Now I have a complete set of Virpil controls (collective, rudder pedals, and stick). They are all great. The collective brought the biggest improvement to my flying abilities, the stick is way more comfortable than my old Thrusmaster, and the pedals are pleasant to use and efficient. Thanks again for all your reviews.

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Brilliant! I’m glad you’re happy with it and that you are improving your skills with some fine hardware! Got some pics we can check out?

Taking your hands off the controls is a bit dangerous with the Bell G47 (I whish you could map screenshot to a stick button), but here you go :

Oh, and now I’ve found how to avoid the washed out look of screenshots when HDR is activated (using the Windows game bar)

Seasons add-on (fall setting). Some trees have an od shape.

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Continuing the discussion from Review: VIRPIL VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Base:

I will probably also buy the T-50CM2 with the 200mm extension. actually I also thought that with the adjustable screws, the no center cams and the soft spring, not much force is needed to fight against the spring. this is what it looks like in the YouTube videos. there is an even more curved and longer extension available on eBay UK. this looks exactly like in a helicopter, so it is much more curved. however, this is made for the Thrustmaster. actually compatible, the only question is whether the axis for braking is also transferred and is compatible with the extension. this costs 130 €, or with the option of unwound the handle to bring 140 € + shipping. sorry for my bad english, google translate

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With a long extension, you will have to use a lot less force, yes. It will be easier for sure. That’s a good plan!