Review: VIRPIL VPC ACE-Torq Pedals

Here comes the disclaimer!

VIRPIL sent me this product, free of charge, to review it. Nonetheless, as with all the articles, I will provide you with an unbiased opinion, based on my long simming experience and aimed directly towards the virtual helicopter pilot. I would like to thank VIRPIL for the opportunity.

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As the previous pedal owner what I really wanted was an opinion as to whether these pedals actual are worth buying over the old ones. Apart from being able to turn off the centering which is not a big deal to me as you have your feet on the pedals at all time anyway (maybe there is a way to do that with the old ones as well if you can be bothered) I can’t see there is any major difference and would be a waste of money for existing owners ?

There’s a section of the review dedicated to try and make a more direct comparison between this product and other pedals – including the other VIRPIL models.

That’s a very personal decision, though. It’s not like I can give you an absolute indication of it being “better” or “worse”. It will depend on the use. If you are someone that is looking for something for helicopters only, these are “better”. If you’re looking for something that’s exclusively for fixed-wing, these are “worse”, even if the quality is the same than in the other VIRPIL pedals. they just work differently and have a different set of features.

If I already had one of the previous pedals I would consider it because I fly helicopters only and the other kit I would own would have been a compromise, like a lot of rotorheads make: because there’s not a lot of helicopter pedals out there, they eventually get some regular fixed-wing rudder pedals.

Having a native pedal kit with the clutch system, cams and adjustable/replaceable spring is an advantage for helicopter pilots.

To summarize it: I, personally, would get these and sell a previous kit that I own because I only fly helicopters. For a fixed wing or a mixed use, I am not sure I would spend the money.

Hello Sergio, thanks for the review!
If you have the time to answer I would like some advice regarding the ace torq pedals as I am hesitating between those and the ace interceptor.
My goal is to have the closest feeling to what it’s like to pilot a helicopter (but I have no idea since I haven’t flown one for real).
I don’t mind the vertical action in itself nor the toe brakes absence (I fly a bit of aircraft too but it’s not my main focus).
From looking at the product I like the torq pedals but I am only asking because you do not recommend them clearly in your review so I would like to know what you would recommend in my case.
Would the k51 damper on ace interceptors be better?
I am open to other products too but I have a preference for virpil since im ordering stuff from them too.
Thanks for your answer and everything you are doing for the community! Long live helicopters :slight_smile:

Hi Ganael. Just because I don’t actually use the words “I recommend it”, don’t see it as me not doing so. The rating of the product should say it all :slight_smile:

A 9.2 product is highly recommended, of course. I appreciate the engineering behind it as it has some clever solutions.

Between the other pedals in VIRPIL’s line of products and this one, this is definitely the closer one to helicopter pedals. I still wish VIRPIL did something more like an inverted “L” shape but these work really well. The clutch system, the ability to remove the spring, the pedal customization it all adds up.

I really like the pedals.

As for the ACE Interceptor option with the K-51 modification, that’s not a bad choice either. But the way the pedals move are even more distant from a real helicopter than the ACE-Torq pedals are, really. For someone purely interested in flying helicopters, and wanting to go with VIRPIL, I would get with the ACE-Torq for sure.