Review: Taog’s Hangar Alouette III for MSFS

Disclaimer: while I was not directly involved in the development of Taog’s Hangar Alouette III, I have helped test it and I have recorded some sounds which are part of the project. While that may have given me a bit more insight into the project, it will not skew my view of this product and I will give you my unbiased, honest opinion about it, just like I do with any other product I review.

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Great review Sergio! I agree with your sentiments on this addon. It is a joy to fly and the sounds are truly a highlight of the helicopter.

The pedal travel still seems a bit much, as it may run out of authority if you load up to gross weight, but that may be accurate to the real machine.

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Hey! Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

Taog is still tweaking things. You got the 1.1 update, right?

Yes…running V1.1
The pedal input was improved over v1.0, but still about half travel at default weight.

Thanks for the review. It’s becoming one of my favorite chopper in MSFS. A good balance between challenge and stability. The view from the cockpit is fantastic, and all the instruments are easy to read, except that pitch indicator. We’d need a dedicated tutorial for this one. Somehow, the behavior IGE seems much more predictable than with other helicopters in MSFS. I don’t know why. Flight dynamics near the ground reminds me of what I’m used too with X-plane, rather than the generally messy take-off I’ve experienced in MSFS. Plus, I’m glad to be able to fly this iconic bird. I’ve spent some time looking at the one on display in Paris’s science museum ('Cité des Sciences").
It has the French Sécurité Civile livery. I replicated its arrival in the sim :

Short video of the Alouette’s installation in the museum:


Mmmm I don’t have that behavior myself. Try reaching out to Taog and see if you can help him troubleshoot it. Perhaps there’s something he can do.

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Will do.
I’ll test again with default and max weight and see how much pedal authority is available.

Thanks for the review, it helped to take a decision and buy this. I can confirm that despite the note in the manual about VR problems it works fine, one just needs to adjust the pilot’s position. It’s great in VR. I wrote an article about this and the RL helicopter, which I photographed many times, here:

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There are some interesting comments from a real life pilot about the flight model on MSFS forums:

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

That’s a great article too and we may get a couple of new Portuguese liveries (I provided Taog with 5 in total, so only 2 are missing, which you can probably guess which) and I also asked him about smoke, but he made no promises.

It is quite interesting and it’s aligned with what a lot of us are saying for quite some time. MSFS is a good sim for helicopters. It needs to mature but it’s very nice already.