Review: Realteus ForceFeel

A haptic seat cover. That’s Realteus ForceFeel in a nutshell.

Sounds too simplistic? I know it does.

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I ordered mine over a year ago, still waiting.

Hi Sergio

I have Ordered this based on your good reveiw, however I am a tad concerened about the company Realteus, as they do not respond to emails, and if you click on any of their instagram pictures on their site, you will see people complaining that they have not recieved their orders, some even saying that it is a scam and someone even posted here that they have been waiting for over 1 Year !! since you reveiwed their product you must have had contact with them, are you able to ask them about this lack of response to their clients and more importantly on their lack of delivery on orders placed, especially considering that you have just given their product a good review obviously you would expect from the company that you are reviewing products for that they are not scamming people. and that they reply to their customers and deliver on the orders placed within a reasonable time frame, had you known otherwise im sure you would not have reviewed their product at all. as it would reflect bad on helisimmer too. so if you have any insight on the state of Realteus , would help me and your other members deciding to either wait for our orders or cancelling them and reversing the credit card payments