Review: ORBX Southern California for X-Plane

A few years back, I left FSX behind for X-Plane. It was a more difficult choice back then not because of the flight modeling of course but because of all the time and money I had invested in FSX and FSX addons.

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An objective and instructive critique. A great review, thank you very much.

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Glad you liked it. Thank you very much for reading and for your feedback.

Great review. I bought the Orbx Florida scenery a while back and while I think it is pretty good, it’s not astounding by any means. One of the first things I noticed was the lack of the Daytona International Speedway. The lake in the middle of it was there but no speedway! It’s like doing Washington D.C. and leaving out the Washington Monument. The other thing I notice in Orbx scenery is the power transmission towers are strange or non existent. Maybe the towers in Australia are different from ours but I like to see real towers. I do 95% of my sim flying in the L.A. area in helicopters, so I think I’ll be saving some money and not buying anymore Orbx scenery until they can get it a little more together. I have a lot of what I think is the best of SoCal scenery but none of it has even a decent representation of the Santa Monica pier which also seems weird to me. If you have any suggestions concerning that I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Murf