Review: Nimbus Simulation Studios UH-1H for X-Plane

I don’t need to introduce the UH-1, not again anyway. This is the second time I’ve reviewed a UH-1H for The X-plane community has been asking for a UH-1 since the dawn of high quality payware. We have the X-trident 412, which is awesome in its own right, but even though the two aircraft share similar DNA, the 412 is a very different helicopter. Finally, Nimbus stepped up and came through.

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We all know that VRS is not a real-time derived part of the BET FM calculations in XP 11 and is therefore a value set either automatically when you first make a helo in Planemaker or manually adjusted by the aircraft designer later, unlike the majority of the flight properties in the sim for a given acf. Is loss of tail rotor effectiveness a canned value that triggers under certain conditions in the way that VRS is in XP 11? I just assumed it was some organic part of the helo BET stuff, but I have no idea in this case.