Review: K-51 collective

Collective use by flight sim fans tends to be rare. Lower numbers of dedicated heli-simmers means that any commercial peripherals aimed at them will be priced far too high for casual consideration if the product is to be economically viable for any mainstream manufacturer.

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I’ve tried to contact the maker of K-51 but no response yet. Has he probably closed down this project? Or maybe there’s high demand of this collective? :

There’s a high demand and he’s having issues managing to reply to emails. The market was in dire need of such a solution and he’s trying to cope with all the emails and orders he has.

I suspect me may need to come up with a better solution or he may die of success.

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This is good! Maybe this cheap collective solution in the long run will help GA heads open their eyes for new ways of defying gravity.

Maybe, yes. But we are seeing a few folks getting curious about helicopters as we expose the community to them. I guess people really never thought of helicopters as a viable way to do their simming.