Review: JRX SA341B/SA342J Gazelle for X-Plane

The Gazelle is an aircraft that has captured the imagination of countless aviation enthusiasts and the public. Numerous appearances in TV and movies, most notably ‘Blue Thunder’ and large numbers used in military service in Europe meant that they aircraft was frequently on display.

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Nice review! A bunch of the pilots in the Rotorheads fight club are seriously eyeing the Gazelle for a purchase… just waiting for a proper CSL and GTN750 integration. JRX has indicated in the forums that GTN integration may be forthcoming.

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Thanks for the review! The Heli is indeed quite nice.
However I do not understand how it got a 10/10 for the textures.
Considering the cockpit textures, in my opinion the most important ones, since you look at them the majority of the time, are rather a 8/10 for the SA 341 variant (here they could be a bit higher resolution, e.g. the screws). But for the SA 342 variant the texture quality is quite lacking I would rate it rather a 2/10. The screws here a just black cylinders and the grey panel has no structure/PBR look at all.
I hope the dev can fix this in the future then this Heli would be definitely on my list for top 3 Helis in xplane.

Thanks for reading. As for your comment about there being no definition in the cockpit, I disagree. The military cockpit is dark, it is on the real thing. The civilian one represents a well kept slick machine with all of the toys. There are panels in real life that look like this with composite faces and flush covers on the screws. There are so many options that could be modeled and the dev had to draw the line somewhere. I don’t think that it looks unrealistic at all.

They have now updated the panel textures of the SA342 and they are now very nice :slight_smile: