Review: JRX Design MBB Bo 105 DBS4 for X-Plane

There’s a bit of a running joke within the industry about twin-engined helicopters: “the good engine takes the bad engine to the accident site”. This anecdote never really made much sense to me while I was flying single-engined helicopters. In late 2018, I was hired for my first twin-engined gig and it was going to be in the Bo 105 initially and moving onto bigger things later. After a couple of hours in the 105, the anecdote suddenly made sense.

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Hi all !

I bought this fantastic Bo105 when it has been out. (Fist v1.2 and v1.3 now)

From the begining, i have a big problem with throttel (can manipulate it in cold start).
I contact joe_rowe but for the moment, no solution.
I use Hotas Wathog ans VKB pedestal in the Xplane V11.55 (64b).
He ask me to verify some potential plugin problem ( xLua) but dosn’t change nothing.
I post 2 videos of the problem on my Youtube channel if someone have an idéa:

But it still a good work !

Using the mouse to drag the throttles around while it is in cutoff is the trouble. The throttle has to be at absolute zero in order for the idle release buttons to work. Don’t try to drag the throttles unless they are in ground idle.

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So, after download the V1.4, i can say that now, everything is all right with the trottle.
Just have a look on my vidéo here:


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