Review: FlyInside Bell 206 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

There aren’t any helicopters available for MSFS. MSFS didn’t even ship with helicopters.

Helicopter enthusiasts had to wait until a month ago to finally have default helicopters for this new sim. Third-party developers have always been the core of hobby flight simming and MSFS is no different and there have been a few third-party helicopters released for MSFS in the past.

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Thanks for the review. And a review of the CowanSim 206 would now be very interesting!

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Great review thanks, I’d agree with everything you said. If I had to choose between great graphics or great physics, I’d always choose the latter, although I would prefer both obviously :blush:
Next time I boot it up I’ll try your controller settings.


Thank you. Joe’s working on it now :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Joe! Good, reasonable review as always.

If I had to bet, I think FI focused on beating CowanSim to market and left the visuals somewhat behind the curve. I’ll give them high credit for focusing on operational realism instead.

I like much of what Fly Inside has been able to accomplish with this addon and if it were the only option I’d probably go for it. But I’ve seen other reviewers mention a heavy FPS hit, and similar notes on needed improvements to flight modeling.

And especially in this case, we have Cowan Sim’s 206 to consider, and based on his reputation from X-Plane, I’m inclined to wait until we get a couple professional reviews of his work before making a purchase decision between the two.

It’s good to see FI making quick updates - that’s always a good sign! So it’s still up in the air (pun intended :wink: )