Review: Drzewiecki Design Chicago City XP and Chicago Airports XP

Chicago is a special place to virtually all flight simulator enthusiasts of a certain age. It wasn’t until the later years of Microsoft flight simulator that all flights didn’t start at Chicago Meigs airfield. This is where I, and thousands of other people were introduced to flight simulation. My first “cross country” flight was from Meigs to Midway. The Chicago skyline of skyscrapers as sparsely populated at they were at the time, became a familiar sight to many.

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Great review of a pretty good product. As a rotor pilot in Chicago (sim and actual), I can point out a few more decent pads Drzewiecki included. Checkout LL35, the Chicago fire department Air Sea Rescue heliport (The police helicopters operate from there also). It is south of the city, near the Indiana border. It’s charted and can be found on Skyvector by searching LL35. Also the Chicago Fire Department Quinn Fire Academy has a rooftop pad that is included. This is not charted but is located at 558 W DeKoven St or 41.87N/87.64W, look for the big radio tower.

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Looks like you are flying on a very cool area. What kind of flying do you do? EMS, touristic, LE?

I fly with the Fire Department Air Sea Rescue group here in Chicago. I’m new to simming, having just got set up over the summer. Your site has been a great help. Thanks very much for what you and everyone else is doing.

That must be an amazing job. Thank you so much for being here with us. I’m glad I could somewhat help your incursion into simming a bit smoother.

I’ve been using DD Chicago City for P3D but I’m concerned that within XP11 and a light build computer what sorta frame rate is the great Chicago platform using?