Review: Dreamfoil Creations S300CBi for X-Plane

The 27th of July is the 16 year anniversary of my first solo flight. Like thousands of aspiring helicopter pilots before me, and the thousands after me, this flight was made in a Hughes 269C. The 269 is known by many other names; Hughes TH-55, Hughes 300, Schweitzer 300, and most recently the Sikorsky 300. But all of these airframes, despite the improvements and changes over the years are still the same basic aircraft. This small helicopter doesn’t look like much, but it’s responsible for producing an enormous amount of professional aviators. Envisioned as a scout aircraft for the Army, the 269 found its niche as a trainer, and was cranking out well trained aviators over a decade before Frank Robinson put pencil to paper to create the R-22.

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