Review: Cowan Simulation Bell 206B3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

[Editor’s note: just like the FlyInside Bell 206 Joe’s review was made amid update releases and the product may change. We will make small updates and adjustments when deemed necessary and may revisit this review in the future]

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Many thanks for your time and effort putting together this review Joe.

I really appreciated your honest assessment and comparisons to the X-Plane edition, as well as your honesty about any perceived issues and their likely origins, plus your thoughts on the potential for their rectification. It’s good to hear things straight about such aspects, but in a way that gives the developers a fair shake as well.

Thanks for noting the scale of the aircraft too. That’s really great to hear it’s correct and not over scaled relative to the rest of the world such as it was in X-Plane. It was something I had my fingers crossed might be adjusted in the MSFS edition, so I was excited to see that you’d actually checked this and confirmed it.



I found if you add a co-pilot of at least 100lbs, the headset will come off the hook and clear your view.