Review: Alabeo R66 for FSX

There aren’t too many pilots who have learnt to fly in the last 20 years who haven’t done at least some of their training in a Robinson Helicopter. Frank Robinson’s dream of creating the ultimate affordable helicopter drew him away from Hughes Helicopters in 1973 to form the Robinson Helicopter Company. His first model, the R22, first flew in 1975 and was certified in 1979. The helicopter used a simple ‘pod and boom’ type design much as the Hughes 300 had before and was powered by 124hp O-320 Lycoming engine. The aircraft has been progressively updated throughout the last 30 years and current models are powered by an 180hp Lycoming along with a number of other improvements. Despite some safety concerns, the aircraft has been produced constantly since 1979 with over 4700 airframes being manufactured.

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