Recommendations for a good XP11 Vulkan helo

Hi gang,

I know 11.5 is still in beta but on the lookout for a good performing helo specifically for VR.

I’ve got a couple of the VSkyLabs and they’re terrific but seem to be a performance hit at the moment. I appreciate the devs are building against a moving target at the moment so I’m happy to wait for the updates but just wandered if there was anything of merit to try right now?

The free Hughes 500 is fun, but wondered if there was any good payware?



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You have the DreamFoil Bell 407, the (just released) S300CBi, the X-Trident Bell 412 and the Nimbus Simulations UH-1H Huey. These are the payware ones I have on the top of my list.

They are all excellent.

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Thanks for tips :smile: Also looking at the 222UT from Cowansim which looks rather nice, although I’m very tempted by the Huey!

Agree. I also enjoy the DreamFoil Bell 407 and X-Trident Bell 412.

I’ll have to look into those others.