Read first! Support and Bug Reports

NOTE: The XFER H145 is a freeware product. Keep in mind that we do not offer comprehensive product support.

We cannot make any promises regarding response time or update schedules. We can promise we will do our best but that may mean some issues may take a bit longer to be solved.

Before you create a new topic have a look through older, already solved problems to see whether you find the solution you are looking for in a previous topic.

To provide the best possible support with any problems or questions please try to provide as much information as possible.

  • Log.txt file; You can find this in your X-Plane folder.
  • Error messages: Post screenshots of any error message that you recieve.
  • Details: Let us know what exactly happend. Try to describe your problem with as much details as necessary while trying to use as little words as possible. Post screenshots and/or videos if necessary.

Bug Reports

If you experience a bug, please feel free to let us know in this forum. Please try to give us as much information as possible by using this format:

  1. X-Plane Version
  2. Operating System
  3. Description: Situation
  4. What you expected to happen
  5. What actually happend
  6. Steps to trigger the bug (including locations, settings, etc.):
  7. Log.txt
  8. Screenshots