Questions about the MSFS 206B

Hi Joshua,

Just purchased the MSFS Bell 206 and am really loving it…Great chopper!!

I have 2 questions and an observation really,

Are we able to remove the doors or do you plan to include this feature in future versions??
Do you also have plans for a fixed float model in the future?

I also observed today that when i landed on a water based helipad, even though I removed the
floats in the weights menu, the floats still inflated when i touched down on the pad…is this a bug??

Cheers, and Thank you for such an awesome 206!! Really loving it so far!



Thank you!! Glad you’re enjoying it.

The floats blowing when on water without the floats being on is kind of a bug but more of code I didn’t get finished. I need to make the breaker and switch work and then only blow when they are being used too. I added floats to the fight model but didn’t get to investigating why they wont float. It’s possible that it wont work unless it’s a float plane but I will try.

I made the doors open since that’s important to a lot of people. If I get some sort of sling operations working then I might add the option to remove doors.

Hi Josh,
With 50% fuel and pilot only at 2000’ and 70% torque I am getting 80-85 kts IAS. Is this right? Seems low. Shouldn’t I be getting closer to 110 kts?

There was an issue with speed for the 206. The 500 worked out fine. The 206 will be updated to fix the drag issue.

Ok. Thanks.

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