Project HeliAlps By HeliSimuFrance team

Project HeliAlps is born from Helipads lovers through the french west Alps

Under developpement and made by the community of helisimmers in france, we have taken the challenge and words “Does it have Helipads” and our answer is around 40 helipads, DZs, LZs around a 2 Tiles zone

We are using Sketchup for 3D objects, JOSM for patching the meshes in order to flattern the terrain . For full fonctionnal scenery you’ll need to process the tiles with Ortho4XP in order to apply the patches to the meshes.(full pdf tutorial will be included)

Helialps will include a whole lot of rescue and slingloading missions as much as transport or just flying around all of it.


You folks in the French group are doing amazing things!

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Hello Sergio,

I would like to ask you for a little direction to get the HeliAlpes scenery up and running. So far I had no luck on ( Do you have a personal experience with this very promising scenery? Being an X Plane newbie I do not know how to start the “operations” and “Rescues, slingloadings scenarios” mentioned in the scenery’s description.

And since this is my first post here, I would like to thank you for your great website. It helped me a lot to get started with my helicopter passion a few months ago which was hiding and waiting inside of me for more than 40 years ;-).

sorry ive been missig the .org notification kikimora
i’ve answered you :wink:

@kikimora sorry I completely missed your post! It seems @Poopy has your back, though! Are you all set?

Hi Sergio, yes, Poopy helped me. Thanks!


Hello there is a trick to use Askystory photoreal scenery
you’ll need to do tiles using the process explained in the tutorial

replace the .meshes Data+45+006.mesh and Data+45+005.mesh from your orhto4xp tile to the main Askystory photoreal folder