Problem with xplane11 EC135 V4

I would really like to get this Helo flying. I don’t have any issues with any of my other helo’s but this one doesn’t seem to work at all. I go through the start-up procedure just find and can take off into a hover, but when I try to go forward flight I end up moving the cyclic continuously forward until it is full forward and then it will gradually work back to tipping backward. I have reloaded the aircraft several times to no avail.

can you see the stick moving?
My first experience with the v3 ended several times in a wall, because I did not release the fixing of the stick.

Yes it moves but if i hold it steady it gradually creeps back with the collective all the way forward.

So I can fly the aircraft properly with the autopilot on, but the A. TRIM off, or the auto pilot off. However with the Autopilot and A.Trim on it does not fly properly unless it’s in nav or heading mode. I’m not sure if thats how this module is designed or not but at least i can take off out of auto pilot and trim it out with force trim, setup my autopilot and then take it out of autopilot when on approach. It seems to work that way though, it does not work that way in the real aircraft.

I had similar issues but I thought it was caused by having a non centering stick (I use a Komodo cyclic). The only way I can fly it is with A. Trim turned off.

If I engage the autopilot I alway loose control once I disengage it again due to my physical cyclic being out of sync with the virtual one.

Do you have xpuipc active. With the beta version it was not compatible and was the cause of problems on my system.
After disabling it was behaving better.

It would not fly at all with the xpuipc active with me. It does ok now as long as the a.trim is off. I was able to complete an IFR flight with autopilot and transition into a hand flown VFR flight for landing.

I can’t even get it to start in Xp 11.41

If i had xpiuc active i could not get it to start or do anything. I had to disable that plugin and everything seems to work ok except the A.Trim which dosen’t work as expected

I will give a try thanks