Preview: the upcoming VIRPIL Collective

Those who do are usually more inclined to the professional side of the market, offering great solutions, but at a much higher price range and, very often, requiring a bit more of space than you may be able to afford on your simming pit.

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This needs a video review, pronto.

I made the backorder today. Just the TCS Base. 270 euros, shipping and taxes included. It’s a good sum of money but I think the product deserves it.

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There’s nothing in a video that I would say that’s not there, really.

Hi Sergio. Great review, as usual. Question: Do you know when Virpil will start shipping (Ballpark figure)??? I’ve already ordered my set up and can’t wait to grab it. Thanks!

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It seems they are estimating to start shipping by the end of June.

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Thanks for the review. I bought one. It’s my first collective, so, I can’t really make any comparisons, but it’s very pleasant to use, and it makes a dramatic difference compared to my old Thrusmaster throttle that I used as a collective previously.

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Hey Achab!

I’m glad that you liked the review and even more glad that you for yourself a collective. It’s quite a difference, isn’t it? Enjoy it!