Pms gtn 750

Is it your intention to add the 750 and or 650 to any of your helicopters ?

I’m looking at adding the payware ones. If I can get it done this week. Not sure if I can with other work in the way.

Thanks for the information - Will be great having the option of these avionics natively in your helicopters - thanks so much

No problemo. Since it’s not my software then users will need to buy it from them.

Hi, any news about integration? Because PMS750 is free :slight_smile: Premium features are available only if you enter you key. But not mandatory to use PMS750.

I’d also be interested to know this please as I would like to stick to planes/helis in MSFS that support the PMS GTN 750 and I would like to get the 500E but only want to learn one GBS system in depth.

That will be coming at some point.