Pilots head position in 222

When I reset to the pilot view in the 222 I am always sat too far forward and too low in the seat. Is there something that I can edit to change the position? I always have to use the cursor keys etc to reset my position.

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XPlane 11 has a built in camera save system. Position your camera where you like it, and then press control+one of the numpad keys. Now the next time you press that numpad key, you’ll return to that camera position. It works with all the numpad number keys 0-9, so you can save up to 10 positions, and each aircraft will remember its own.


Wow, never knew that. I’ll give it a try. Thanks very much for the response.



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I’ve just tried this and it doesn’t work, probably because I didn’t mention that I meant the view in VR. The NUMpad keys are only for non-VR views.

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@Nexus I believe the method that lonespace suggested will work if your mouse is clicked on X-Plane window. Moving the head position with the arrow keys works this way too. With the window activated.

The head position is different for every user. System settings and the user’s height all make it a unique experience. This was something difficult to set since every user is a different height. For me it’s quite a ways off and I will be trying to find a better sweet spot. I can use average height. When I change that then all the people that it’s perfect for now will message with the issue lol. So this is a tough one and I’m throwing around the idea of adding a few positions and making a video so everyone knows as well as adding to the manual.

The positions are set in the vrconfig file in the main aircraft folder. The x y z position is what to adjust when doing it yourself. Otherwise setting your position with the keyboard arrow keys is pretty much what 50% of the users will always have to do.


Joshua Cowan

Thanks Joshua,

I am just having a play around with ‘VR Tools’ which can be used to set the positions of pilot, copilot and even back seat passengers.

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@Nexus I didn’t even see that yet. Very cool looking and awesome idea! :slight_smile: