OH-58D DCS Cockpit

Well, this cockpit got OH-58D specific controls but I am using it for any DCS helicopter as I can launch predefined profiles to run with any of the 4 modules we have so far in DCS.

Overall view. Main panel and the two overheads are touch screens displays. Those three panels are used in conjunction with Helios cockpit management program so I can interact with the simulated cockpit switches and rotaries if required.

The pedestal includes several Logitech modules managed by DCSFlightpanel software that directly interacts with DCS modules so I can set frequencies and activate pretty much anything in game and maintaining a coherent cockpit (all in game switches will be set according to the physical ones automatically). Also, the Realsimgear GNS430 is fully functional with the NS430 DCS module exported on its screen. Finally, I am using 3 streamdecks (controlled also with DCSFlightPanel) for different things. Here for the gazelle, I have all controls on the NADIR computer, radios and other systems. Ka50 will have the PVI800 and more. The OH-58 will have the FMS.

The cyclic grip comes from a real OH-58D right grip I found on ebay. All the switches are funtionnal and connected on a Leo Bodnar USB card. I mounted it on a MicroHelis.de cyclic base (hydraulic dampers).

The collective is actually 3D printed, but I used mostly military grade switches except for 3 hats that are using the warthog Thrustmaster ones. All switches are functional and connected on a micro USB controller inside the head. The handle and collective stick comes from a real B206 also found on ebay. Throttle is linked to a pot connected on the cyclic’s leo bodnard USB card. It is mounted on a Microhelis.de collective base but I added an hydraulic damper to it for a better feeling.

The rudder from Thrustmaster has been modified with an hydraulic damper so there is no center return (removed the springs) and it gives a nice strong feeling when flown.

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