North Italy Helipads

Hi guys,
I have been working for a while on a scenery pack in north Italy. I created custom objects for helipads and some pois are taken from 3dwarehouse. You can see in the map the helipads currently added. For now I plan to release some kind of beta for Ortho4XP users, but I am working also on a muxp file, so anyone can patch the preferred mesh.
Here some images:



That’s very cool! Thanks for sharing with us!

Ops, I forgot the most important thing… It’s going to be free! (mostly because I’m not an advanced 3d modeler and do this in my free time)

Some more previews:


Wow, I’m speechless… Thanks for your post, it motivates me a lot to continue and improve!

Just beware of licensing if you are using other people’s models. Seems like you are using some from that website. You may not be able to distribute it with your work.

Make sure you are 100% covered.

All the models in the pics, are 100% mine, created by me. The objects from the Sketchup Warehouse for now I’m not including them for the reason you specified.

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Awesome! It’s good that you’re protecting other people’s work.


I have all of Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellina’s Dolimetes sceneries. Is this in the same area? Any word on compatibility?


I don’t know, because I don’t have that scenery. I think with the muxp file, any mesh is patchable, but I’ve seen from pics that mountains seems to be 3d objects, so there any edit available.

after some requests I got over the last months, I decided to release an early early version of the scenery for Trentino, north Italy region. This version supports only Ortho4XP imagery. I hope you enjoy it.

Wow, Daniele!! Thank you so much. What a huge area with such nice Helipads. What a great fun and really nice work (just checked and flown to nearly 20 of those 50 pads and had so much fun with precise approaches to all landing areas in the Rotorsim-EC135).

Thank you, appreciate a lot what you sad. Now that I’ve got some spare time I will continue on development on this scenery, bringing more buildings and quality!

Spent hours until now to fly to all helipads and I can tell you that this scenery is creating the most fun I ever had with helicopter in X-Plane ( searching the landing areas and combining with medevac missions generated with missionX).
Excited about upcoming content - rock on and thanks again