No, we won’t have to buy a DLC to use helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator

On the live interview Microsoft and Asobo streamed on August 13th, the subject of helicopters came out (which is starting to become something normal – meaning there is more awareness and concern about this type of aircraft) and a couple of points were mentioned.

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I’m excited to see what helo models they decide to work on and what level of fidelity they’ll be. I expect that they’ll be on par with the default fixed wing but we can hope for more.

Great news, and this makes perfect business sense for MS & Asobo: give people a taste of helicopters for free and then have a paid DLC for those that want to go further.

Personally I would be very happy to put my hand in my pocket for some quality helicopter DLC. Very glad they are talking about getting the flight model for helicopters right, and I’m especially excited that they are talking about putting in extensive heliports. Combine this with VR support and this is looking like it could be a really compelling package :slight_smile:

I hope with the helicopter support they will add also one or two free helicopters, so people could test helicopters before buying anything.
The sim comes bundled with a few aircrafts, that would seem normal to have some helicopters in the base price.
I also hope enough good third party developers (dreamfoil, are you around ? ^^) will be interested in MSFS 2020 to make great helicopters.

A few helicopter developers are interested in the sim, yes. I’ve been talking to, at least 4 developers that are taking a look at it and are interested in eventually doing products for the sim.

Hey ! Just wanted to know, Is there any chance of having an approximate date for the release of the helicopters?
Thx !

Hello. We don’t know. I would not expect it this year, though.

I see where you are telling us that support for helicopters will be included, if we buy the package DLC or use a third party heli. Seems kind of wrong to not include a couple of free ones when you purchase the game. Sounds like Microsoft Flight that failed because you had to buy everything to play. But I guess if you want to have the new Microsoft Flight 2020, that is what we will have to do. Hopefully get some good third party Helis that won’t be too darn pricey. Oh and we only have to wait another year till 2022.

We don’t know if any free helicopters are being added. Microsoft neither confirmed nor denied that. Everything is possible.

I find it improbably that at least one helicopter won’t make it into the free, base offer. Probably something basic but that’s all it’s needed for people to try helicopters before investing in a DLC.

Either way, I am sure some freeware helicopters will see the light of day further down the road.

Now I am not trying to get everything for free, I am just being skeptical after Windows 10. Thanks for all you have here, you guys provide a lot of information for helicopter simmers.

My main rig has Windows 7 Ultimate and is Ok with mostly AMD stuff. I built a new tower with Rysen 3600 and a Z570 board, NVidia GT1660, plenty of storage and good cooling, but I swear the Win 7 runs faster. I have a sim chair I built that has a Thrustmaster T Hotas and older CH pedals, but I think a newer more up to date system will work better. Just wanted to thank you for all you provide here. that was why the Windows 10 comment.

I understand what you are saying, and I understand you’re not trying to get everything for free. I was just making it clear that, according to what Microsoft said, the ability to have helicopters will be added for free. But they will release a paid DLC with several helicopters.

My own experience with Windows 10 has been good so far. I honestly don’t find any difference in performance but, truth be told, I had newer generation SSDs on the system that migrated from Win7 to Win 10 than I had on the computer that only ran Windows 7. I can’t really make a direct comparison.